Company Profile

For Clean Atmosphere and WaterBionics Products

Bionics Instrument Co., Ltd. was established by Mr. KOMIYA in June 1973, developing and producing the original sensor based on the electrochemical technology. We supply all over the world with toxic gas monitoring systems and continuous water-quality controllers by combining the sensor technologies and the electronics. These toxic gas sensors are widely used and evaluated in each industry in order to protect the workers and equipments from the leaks in petrochemical and Semiconductor fabrication plants.
Water quality monitoring systems such as residual chlorine analyzer have been developed to monitor continuously the chlorine concentration of drinking water, sewage water, and swimming pool.
Furthermore, we propose the automatic process titrators which are used for processes control such as PC board production or textile dyes process to provide quality improvement and labor saving by 24 hours operation.
With constant innovation its weapon, we will continue to develop and create the original technology to be the leader of the future industries.
We joined DKK / TOA Corporation Group which is a global leader in analytical and measurement technology, in October 2005 to expand our potential and business more.